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Felice (artist name)


From the age of 17, Felice took painting classes with the famous Dutch painter Nol Kroes at the Vrije Academie in the Hague. She studied at the Academy of Art and Industry, moved to Amsterdam and graduated at the Rietveld Academy in 1977. She developed her versatile career based on this artistic feeding ground and worked as a stylist for fashion magazines, as a costume designer for theatre and dance companies. As a videographer and an art director of films, Felice was involved in photography and designs for museum exhibits. Felice has broadly expanded her talents as an artist and cultural entrepreneur. In 1990, she was headhunted for the position of head of the department of exhibits of the science museum NEMO. She collaborated with designers, musicians, actors, dancers, choreographers and composers and worked with groups, directors and actors such as: Krisztina de Ch√Ętel, Annemarie Prins, Theatergroep Hollandia, Johan Simons, Paul Koek, Jeroen Willems, Stella Den Haag and Hans van den Boom.



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