Traveling and experiencing different cultures are a source of inspiration for Felice. In 1973, while she was studying at the Rietveld Academie, she travelled through North America and Mexico for six months. Felice showcased the results of this trip in an art exhibition. Her travels then brought her to Indonesia in 1976, for three months, where she drew and she studied the various dance forms. Felice visited many countries, sometimes as a traveller, soaking up the impressions, at other times she toured different countries with theatre and dance companies and expressed her interest in the Middle East through her work for The Young Arabian Theatre Fund. She documented some of her trips in photos and sold them to magazines or showcased them in audio-visual presentations. During her sabbatical year in 2000, Felice travelled to South Africa and the Middle East and this is where she resumed painting. Her first series of paintings were inspired by the invasion in Afghanistan.


A residence on the Indonesian island Bali resulted in a series of paintings inspired by the Balinese nature in 1995. From that moment, Felice decided to invest in her visual arts, by visiting places as Artist in Residence, to develop and deepen - alone and with others - her artistic work. The places she visits are situated in isolated areas, in the middle of nature.



This combination of nature and culture is a strong element in her work. During her stay in Saksala (2006) her work was deeply influenced by the characteristic Finish light and the vastness of the Finish countryside. She was influenced by the Oriental landscape in Babayan (2007), in Cappadociƫ (Turkey) as well as by the Turkish culture. In the Centre d' Art I Natura (2008), high up in the Spanish Pyrenees, Felice was struck by the convents with old frescos and the history of the civil war. It was there that she developed a new technique based on oil paint, gold foil and an engraving technique on linen.


The Tyrone Guthrie Centre (2009, 2010 en 2011) in Ireland is situated in rural Ireland, far from civilisation. The old Celtic history is a visceral element in this place. During the three summers she worked at the centre, she produced new work, using her new technique.


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